Wednesday, February 4, 2009

FDC#2 from Pakistan: Centenary Celebration of Catholic Cathedral Church; Lahore; Pakistan in 2007

Today I am here to share with you a wonderful FDC featuring a very nice and historical stamp issued on the occasion of the Centenary Celebration of Catholic Cathedral Church in Lahore, Pakistan. The Catholic Cathedral Church in Lahore has a rich history to offer. This magnificent edifice was constructed by the Belgian Capuchins in a prominent place in the heart of the city and consecrated on 19th November 1907 as the mother Church of the diocese of Lahore. It replaced the historic old Pro-Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception built in 1861 near the famous Anarkali bazaar, outside the Old City.

The stamp was of Rs 5 denomination and was issued on 19th November 2007. I have a couple of such covers available for swap if anyone is interested. I can swap it for FDCs depicting themes like Olympics, Football, etc.


ronny said...

hi Cheema

Ronny here.. I've added ur link in my blog... Hope v can exchange FDC and stamps soon.. Let me noe if u wan anything from M'sia. tc

ronny said...

hi cheema,

ronny here again.. I really love this particular FDC.. If u have duplicates and would like to trade, do let me noe...

regards ronny

Cheema said...

Hi Ronny!
I hope and pray that you are fine and happy.

Thanks for commenting on my blog and liking the FDC. YES! I have a couple of duplicates of this FDC on Christianity for you. Can you send me the Beijing Olympics FDC from Malaysia? In return I can send you one of these FDCs. I will have to send this cover to you inside another envelope because the stamp value is much lesser than what is needed. However if you want real posted FDC (of same stamp) then I will have to put some extra stamps on the cover which might be different than the one shown in picture.
So what do you want?
Best Regards
Yours Cheema

ronny said...

Dear cheema,
thanks for the swift reply...To my understanding, Malaysia suprisingly didnt issue any stamps for Beijing Olympics 2008.. Correct me if Im wrong... I also collect stamps and FDC on International events like Olympics but didnt came across any.. However, If u need anything else, Im more than willing to send it to u..

I would like the cover to be send inside another envelope.. I like posted FDC too but mostly when the value of the stamps are more than needed... cuz we shouldnt add different stamps to a cover that is already so beautiful.. lol..

Thanks for commenting on my blog too..


ronny said...


me again. Ive redirected my blog to for i want to dedicate the blog to my love for philately only... Hope u can update the link..

Bout the swap, hope u could tell me what FDc u want from Malaysia...