Saturday, July 3, 2010

Aircrafts Phone Cards from Israel

A beautiful set of 5 phonecards from Israel showing great aircrafts. The 5 aircrafts shown on the phonecards are:-
  • Deragon Rapid
  • Harvard
  • Spit Fire
  • Stirman
  • Uragan

The phone cards were issued on January 1' 2001 and the catalogue codes on Colnect are BZ-285-289. The card system is Landis & Gyr and each card is of 20 units. Only 200,000 copies of each card were printed. The phonecards were issued by Bezeq.
I think that I have some spares as well, if someone wants to swap. Do you want one of these?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gorgeous Chinese Aircraft Phonecards

I absolutely love this beautiful mobile recharge phonecards set from China.
Once again these phonecards were sent by Mr Kylt Zhengge from China who sent me the Harry Potter phonecards. These aircraft phonecards show 4 top of the line military aircrafts.

Do you collect aircraft phonecards? Does anyone know which are these aircrafts??

A Rare and Magnificent Phonecard from Afghanistan

Unlike most phonecard issuing countries, Afghanistan Phonecards are really hard to get. I have a number of phonecards from Afghanistan - A rare and mysterious country.
It is a mobile recharge phonecard issued by "Roshan Connection" cellular company.

Do you have a phonecard from Afghanistan in your collection??? Do you wish to get one???

Harry Potter Phonecards from China

After a long time of creating this phonecard blog, finally I decided to start some phonecard discussions as well. So here is my first posting on this blog related to phonecards.
Here is a magnificent set of 2 phonecards from China featuring the famous child wizard Harry Potter. These phonecards depict 2 cards issued to remember the movie "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire".
These magnificent phonecards were sent to me by Kylt Zhengge from China. You can see his photo albums at Chinese Phonecards 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OP Barbarosa

OPERATION BARBAROSA: Do you have any phonecards related to Operation Barbarosa or other operations of World War 2???